Book Review: The Wings of Merlin

The Wings of Merlin by T. A. Barron

SUMMARY: Although Merlin's mastery of his powers continues to grow, he now faces a particularly daunting challenge: Fincayra and the Otherworld will soon come together and Rhita Gawr, warlord of the spirit world, and his evil forces will invade. Merlin's only hope is to get Fincayran creatures and races to put aside their distrust of one another and do battle together. As the fast-paced story winds to a conclusion, Merlin faces his most difficult decision yet. A love of the natural world and sense of spirituality infuse the saga as a whole, and we see Merlin, who has come to understand his dark side as well as his strengths and ideals, finally ready to become the legendary magician and mentor to King Arthur. (excerpted from the Booklist review)

OPINION: This is book 5 in the Lost Years of Merlin series. Megan G. recommended these to me a while ago, and I finally finished the entire series! Even though our discussion of the first book didn't go over too well in book group last month, the series is great independent reading. Some good books just aren't good for discussion! This last book is a wonderful ending, and the whole series does a great job of developing how Merlin could indeed have become the great magician of legend.

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