Book Review: Shade's Children

Shade's Children by Garth Nix

SUMMARY: In the brutal world of Shade's Children, your 14th birthday is your last. Malevolent Overlords rule the earth, directing hideous, humanoid creatures to harvest the brains and muscles of teens for use in engineering foul beasts to fight senseless wars. Young Gold-Eye escapes this horrific fate, fleeing the dormitories before his Sad Birthday. He is rescued from certain doom by other refugees who live in an abandoned submarine and work for Shade, a strange, computer-generated adult. Shade provides food and shelter in exchange for information that the children gather on dangerous forays into Overlord territory. But what does Shade really want? (from the Amazon.com review)

OPINION: Someone in book group recommended this book to me (sorry, can't remember who), and I was totally into it. I think I might even put it on a future book group voting list. I am not usually a science fiction reader, but this book surprised me. It has a lot of dystopian fantasy elements and tons of action and adventure that kept me reading. We don't have it in our YA section, so make sure to request it from another library and fill out at request slip for our library to buy it!


Anonymous said...

kinda has an 'oliver twist' thing going on don't ya think? a band of teenagers runnin around doing illegal stuff for an adult.
amy ;)

Gretchen said...

i hadn't thought of that, but you are exactly right. in a lot of ways, it is a futuristic oliver twist. maybe it's just twisted.