Table Top Gaming @ Sellers Library

Last week we had 11 teens show up to play various table top games, from classics like Connect 4 and Uno (and seriously, I'd never seen an Uno game go on as long as this one did!) to newer stuff like Castle Panic and Zombie Dice. I played Castle Panic with a small group, and while we made it quite far, our castle was eventually destroyed by the incoming horde of monsters. I think next time we'll try playing on the "less panic" rule set, our castle has been destroyed so many times! One new addition to the gaming lineup was "Life of George", a Lego game that's an iPad/real world hybrid game. You're given an image to build, then when you've built it you use the iPad camera and the game grades you on how close you came and how fast you built it. 1 to 4 players can play!

I'm often asked about when the next table top event will be, so I'm thinking that starting shortly we'll be making table top a regular monthly event. I'll have more on this soon, so be sure to check back!

Our selection of games!

Castle Panic and Connect 4 craziness!

Right as the Jenga tower fell!

They wanted to do a posed one too.

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