Pokemon Night X and Y tournament!

Last Friday 16 teens showed up to play some Pokemon from 6 to 8! Mary showed up as Sylveon and Devon came as Infernape! We played doubles battles with a team of 6 Pokemon. There were four rounds of Swiss pairings to decide the single elimination bracket. There was some heavy competition and a good deal of (friendly) smack-talking! In the end, Phillip took the tournament, winning a $15 Gamestop gift card! In addition to the 3DS battles going on, there was some Pokemon anime being projected on the big screen, a Wii with the 4-player Pokemon Rumble playing, and an N64 with Pokemon Snap (one of my favorite Pokemon games. SEQUEL PLEASE!) and the 4-player Pokemon Stadium.

Pokemon tournaments are always a good time, and I look forward to hosting another one shortly. Thanks to everyone that came!

Infernape and Sylveon!

lots of snacking and Pokemon playing!

Taking a break from the tournament to play some console Pokemon

The single elimination bracket

A poster with all 721+ Pokemon makes for a good "Where's Waldo"-style challenge

Sylveon and Professor Oak

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