UD Libraries Minecraft Teens server is up and running!

Attention Minecraft fans! The Upper Darby Libraries have just started up a Minecraft server! If you have the PC edition of Minecraft and you're in grades 6 to 12, you are welcome to join! All you need to do is sign a paper saying you've read the rules, and give us your name to whitelist you in. After that you can can log in anytime by selecting "multiplayer" in Minecraft and going to this address:

Right now it's looking a bit empty, with just a lobby and a few portals leading to the main survival world and to a world used for taking resources. Hopefully we can get a nice community going on shortly! If you want more information, the UD Libraries website has a page about the server at udlibraries.org/teen/minecraft, or you can email me if you have questions!

the UD Libraries lobby

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