Tabletop Gaming @Sellers Library!

Last Wednesday we had 17 teens show up to play all manner of tabletop games for a couple hours! Of course the classics were still played plenty, such as Connect 4, Clue and Monopoly, but a lot of people tried new stuff too! Sarah brought her copy of Tsuru again, which is a game I really enjoyed from the last event, plus she brought a card game about the stock market called Pit which was really cool! A group played a few games of King of Tokyo, one of my favorites, where each player is a giant monster and has to get enough power to rule Tokyo! I led a game of Castle Panic, another personal favorite that has all the players working together to defend their castle from orcs, goblins and trolls that are attacking from the forest. Unfortunately, we lost the castle to the monster horde!

The event was a lot of fun, and lots of people asked when we would do this again. Soon! Tabletop gaming is a great way for people to get together, think creatively and have fun, and I'm looking forward to doing another one as soon as possible! This was the last event of the Fall schedule. The Winter schedule of events should be up around mid-January, so please look forward to it!

Playing Castle Panic. "We're about to lose!"

King of Tokyo

Operation (Nightmare Before X-Mas Edition) and Donkey Kong Jenga!

A shot of the game selection before everyone dug in!

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