Hunger Games Night at Sellers Library!

Last week on Black Friday we had 11 teens show up for our Hunger Games Night. There were games, a trivia contest and a Hunger Games related craft. We started things off with the Cornucopia Challenge, where 26 items were scattered around our "cornucopia" and everyone was divided into two teams. Each team sent one person to the cornucopia to grab an item, then slapped the hand of the next person who would run out, until all the items were gone. Afterwards I read out a 3-day scenario and when an item was mentioned the team that had it would hold it up and get points for it. The whole scenario can be found here, where I "borrowed" the idea from. : ) I unfortunately forgot to take any pictures of the relay as it was happening, it was so crazy and fast! The winning team got candy prizes.

Next was the archery contest! Everyone got two practice tries with our bow and arrow, then five shots. While Katniss shot an apple out of a pig's mouth, we instead had some red plastic cups balanced on top of an easel. The middle cup was worth five points, and the two on either side were worth two points. The game was harder than it looked, and we had some good competition! Siaka ended up the winner here, with some Hunger Games magnetic bookmarks!

After that we divided the group into three teams for a trivia contest that covered Hunger Games and Catching Fire. We played a short game afterwards called Poison Berry, in which there's a series of balloons, or berries, that everyone pops. Inside each of them are either slips of paper with skulls, indicating the berry was poisonous, or mockingjays, indicating they lived. Only five of them contained mockinjay pins, so most people will end up dead! Winner got candy prizes.

We played a game of blow darts next, with short lengths of PVC pipe and mini marshmallows! Each person had two minutes to get as many mini marhmallows into the cups as they could. Cynthia and Siaka tied for first on this one! Both took home some Hunger Games pin sets!

Lastly there was a table for crafting some Hunger Games themed magnets! These are easy and fun to make for any occasion, actually, so I made a couple of sheets of Hunger Games images sized for the magnets, which I'll link to below. One sheet has the book cover images, and the other is all the district logos. All in all it was a fun night, and a much better way to spend Black Friday than running around to different stores and standing in long lines!

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