Hardware Jewelry craft happened despite the snow!

We've had quite the winter weather these past few days, but even though the library was closed on Tuesday, we were open on Wednesday, where four teens braved the cold to make some jewelry out of hardware items! (Unfortunately Tuesday is when we would have sent out reminder calls, but being closed they were never made!) We had fun making a couple bracelets from rubber o-rings, copper wire, and s-hooks as well as a necklace that used L-brackets as decoration!

Things got much more interesting though as the teens started improvising and doing adding bits from one jewelry piece to another. Every time someone added something, it totally improved upon the instructions that I handed out!
Silver jump rings were added to the o-ring bracelet to make it a bit jangly!

Adding an o-ring and two jump rings to the s-hook bracelet made it fit much better, and made it look more interesting!

Thanks to those that came out in this cold, cold weather to make some hardware jewelry at the library! It was a lot of fun and allowed for some cool creative twists. 

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Hollow Orings said...

Nice use of an Oring. Very interesting.