New African-American Teen Fiction!

We just purchased new and replacement books to update our teen African-American fiction collection, so look for these next time you're in!
  • The Break-Up Diaries, volume 2, by Nikki Carter and Kevin Elliott
  • On the Flip Side by Nikki Carter (Fab Life series)
  • Courtin' Jayd by L. Divine (Drama High series; replacement copy)
  • Holidaze by L. Divine (Drama High series; replacement copy)
  • Keep It Movin' by L. Divine (Drama High series; replacement copy)
  • Bang! by Sharon G. Flake (replacement copy)
  • If I Were Your Boyfriend by Earl Sewell (Kimani Tru; replacement copy)
  • The Break-Up Diaries, volume 1, by Ni-Ni Simone and Kelli London (replacement copy)
  • A Girl Like Me by Ni-Ni Simone (replacement copy)
  • No Boyz Allowed by Ni-Ni Simone
  • Teenage Love Affair by Ni-Ni Simone (replacement copy)
  • Homeboyz by Alan Lawrence Sitomer (replacement copy)
  • No Way Out by Peggy Kern (Bluford High series)
  • The Bully by Paul Langan (Bluford High series)
  • Payback by Paul Langan (Bluford High series)
  • Who Am I Without Him? by Sharon G. Flake
  • It's All Good by Nikki Carter
  • Not a Good Look by Nikki Carter (Fab Life series)
  • The Meltdown by L. Divine

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