Muppet Movie Madness!

Last Wednesday, 19 teens spent the afternoon enjoying a double feature of The Muppet Movie (1979) followed by The Muppets (2011).  We stopped the movies every so often to ask trivia questions, and correct answers got Kermit-shaped cookies!  We also held a "Creature Shop" cupcake contest, with lots of icing and toppings to decorate Muppet-inspired cupcakes. (Check out the photos below.)  Grace and Abbey were the winners, and they each got a Muppet bag with a Kermit Pez dispenser and a Muppet-ish monster rubber duckie!

We also did an easy Muppet hand puppet papercraft during the movies, but you can try these more time-consuming ones at home:
And, of course, no movie would be complete without coloring:
It was a fun afternoon, and Paul (the new teen librarian) was there to help!  Lots of teens have already met him, and we have one last summer teen program together this week.  Come to Craft Closet Cleanout this Wednesday, August 15, if you want to see me and meet Paul!!

I forgot to photograph the cookies, so here's my mom's vintage Kermit cookie cutter!

Winning cupcake #1 by Grace

Winning cupcake #2 by Abbey

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