I Love the High School Book Group!

Last Friday was my last meeting with the High School Book Group (aka Book Grub) as the Young Adult Librarian!  Like all of my recent "lasts," it was bittersweet.  Book Grub is one of my favorite programs, and I will really miss all of my members past and present!  Our new Young Adult Librarian, Paul, was there to learn the ropes...he has never led a book group.  So, he got quite an induction from the biggest, craziest, most off-topic group of them all (and a bunch of members weren't even there due to vacations...)!

Anyway, my Teen Advisory Board (TAB) members, led by Amie and Kim, put together a really sweet card and gift for me.  It was such a great surprise at the end of the book group meeting!  A lot of the TAB members had already signed the card, and I got everyone at book group to sign it as well.  I used the gift card today to buy some clothes for the babies, including cute new outfits for them to wear home from the hospital!  Thanks so much to all of you for being so thoughtful.  I will definitely bring the boys in for a visit in the fall!

The serious picture (with Paul and me in the back left)

The silly picture
A present!!!  :)

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