2012 Random-A-Thon!

Last Saturday, 40 teens descended on the library for our third annual Random-A-Thon!  (Were you there in 2010 or 2011?)  It was our best attendance ever.  We've only raised $748 so far, though, so keep working on it!  I will seriously cut my hair into a mohawk if we can get to $1000.  You have until March 11 to turn in all of your money!!

The Random-A-Thon has a loose schedule of events just to help people know when to show up if they're not staying all day.  We brought back some favorites from last year, like watching childhood cartoons, doing duct tape crafts, playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and having a Connect Four tournament.  Genni had some tough competition, but ultimately won in Connect Four.  (Extra thanks to Owen for volunteering to take care of the brackets for me during the tournament.)  We added some new video games and DVDs, as well as fun crafts like license plate journals.  We had also planned some things that didn't happen, like beaded crafts and bingo, so we'll save those for another time!

Lunch this year was grilled cheese or peanut butter/jelly/marshmallow fluff, with veggies and dip and chips, and soda to drink.  Of course, there was much snacking all day and people were stuffed by the time they left!  Throughout the day, we had pop-up activities from the Jar of Randomness.  We did everything from dancing the Cha Cha Slide to decorating cupcakes to making sand art to eating Ring Pops!  Special thanks to Grace for making Pop Culture Jeopardy as one of these random additions.  It was very cool.  Some of the activities involved prizes, and here are the winners:
  • Siaka won the candy jar guessing game with an exact guess of 87
  • Nikki won a soft pretzel maker in a random drawing
  • Genni and Alex each won a tic-tac-toe tournament
Winners got real prizes, but we also had our infamous Prize Box of Randomness.  I filled it will bizarre donated items, leftover prizes from other events, Happy Meal toys, weird swap-rack books, and anything else I could find.  The Prize Box of Randomness must not be looked upon; it will bestow upon you the item that is right.  Everyone got something from the box throughout the day by reaching in with eyes closed!

Thanks to all of the TAB members for contributing snack food to the Random-A-Thon.  Extra thanks to Laurel, Emily, Billy, and me for bringing in homemade goodies!  And huge thanks to Kara Naklicki for spending her college volunteer hours with us.  I seriously couldn't have survived the Random-A-Thon without her help!

 Just Dance

 Duct Tape Crafts

 Sand Art

 Apples to Apples

License Plate Journals

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