Links for Hunger Games Fans

If you have read all of the books and can't wait for the movie in March, here are some great sites about the Hunger Games!

Hunger Games Movie Official Site
I could watch the trailer 10 times in a row, but the site also has posters, widgets to embed on your blog or website, and a movie photo gallery!

Hunger Games Movie on Facebook
Sign up for advanced movie ticket purchase reminders, see photos from the movie, and get all of the lastest info.

Visit the Capitol
Use your Facebook or Twitter account (or create a login) to find out which district you're from.  Then, explore the Capitol as a citizen!  You can also Like the Capitol on Facebook.

Hunger Games Book Series Official Site
Lots of information about the three books, videos from Suzanne Collins, and play the Trial by Fire and Tribute Trials games!

Lots of fans have created their own websites for the Hunger Games.  Here are some of of the best-known:

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