Winter Nintendo Night

Last Friday, 29 teens showed up for our winter Nintendo Night.  This was a relatively small group for this program, so things were a bit more relaxed than usual!  The Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament had 27 entrants and I made a full bracket of 32 by randomly selecting those who lost to re-enter the tournament.  The final ended up being Colin and James vs. David J. and John E.  David and John won, each receiving a $20 gift card to Game Stop.  They are not allowed to team together next time!  The other six guys in the semi-final round (Siaka, Le, Munir, Colton, Colin, and James) received candy.

In the Naruto Shippuden III tournament, 12 people competed down to a three-way final.  We played that final round-robin style, and Alex P. was the winner of the $10 Wawa gift card after two games.  David T. beat out Dennis W. for the second-place prize, a $5 Wawa gift card.  Dennis W. got candy for being a finalist.  (The Wawa cards were purchased with donations from our recent gift card fundraiser!)  Both tournaments ended a little early, leaving time for free play on both games.  People also enjoyed DS games, Pokemon Stadium on the N64, and sodas during the evening.  And yes, the Yu-Gi-Oh cards were allowed, even though they're not from Nintendo!

Thanks to John E. for keeping the controllers under control, to David J. for bringing his Wii and games, and to Maria for digging up her N64.  This program would not have run as smoothly without your help!  Look for another Nintendo Night program on the spring schedule, which will include a DS Pokemon tournament.  Also, don't forget about Mario Night on Friday, March 9.

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