Hunger Games--Capitol Costume Challenge

One of the activities at our Hunger Games Lock-In was to design a costume fit for a tribute to enter the Capitol!  Each district got identical materials:  duct tape, masking tape, four trash bags (two black, two white), one entire New York Times newspaper, and scissors.  They had 20 minutes to dress up one team member and plan his or her entry into the capitol.  It was hilarious!  Most groups followed the tradition stated in the book, of dressing the tribute to represent the main specialty of their district.  But, how they went about it was so funny.  I mean, we had a mermaid and a cow along with some really crazy-looking outfits!  We had everyone walk down the steps and pose in their costume while other members of their district provided music and commentary.  I wish I had video!

Working on the costumes:

Preparing to enter the Capitol:

Some tributes making their entries:

A publicity shot of all of the tributes:

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Emma said...

I miss being a mermaid!!!!