Hunger Games--Peeta's Cupcake Challenge

We had a cupcake decorating challenge at our Hunger Games Lock-In!  Everyone had to decorate a cupcake that was in some way related to the Hunger Games.  Of course, that could really be anything if you have a creative mind!  To represent Peeta's skills, we not only had cans of icing and sprinkles and stuff, we had actual decorator icing in bags with special tips.  It was an activity...it was a snack...it was a snacktivity!!  Everyone had 15 minutes to make their best cupcake, then they had to get a Gamemaker to photograph it.  The pictures ended up on three different cameras, but it helped us determine the winners without making everyone wait to eat!

Everyone working to decorate their cupcakes:

Some cupcake love:

Some completed cupcakes:
"Obey" (representing the Capitol)

 "Me" (representing the Capitol)

 A flower

This person creatively pulled the wrapper out and made a turtle.  (Rotate it 90 degrees in your head.) 

 A building from the Capitol

 A leaf

A fiery sunflower

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