TAB Bake Sale

On Saturday, the Teen Advisory Board (TAB) had an amazing bake sale in the library lobby.  We raised $248.25 to fund our Hunger Games lock-in this December!!  We had a great variety of food, including cupcakes, brownies, lots of types of cookies, muffins, Rice Krispy Treats, and a delicious Middle Eastern sweet that was like a honey-filled fried doughnut.  We sold nearly everything by the end!  

Thanks to our bakers (and their families):  Katie, Grace, Emily, Elena, Amie & Kim, Anas & Arig, Billy, Genni, Marissa, and me.

Thanks to our workers:  Saranjeet, Genni, Arig, Anas, Katie, Marissa, Grace, Kim, Amie, Christelle, Jasmine, Emily, and Elena.

And thanks to all of the library patrons and staff who bought things from us!  We appreciate you all!!

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