Book Review: Sean Griswold's Head

Sean Griswold's Head by Lindsey Leavitt
Review by Elena

Sean Griswold's Head is a story about an average girl named Payton Gritas.  Ond day, she accidentally sees her mom injecting a needle into her dad's veins.  After this sudden shock, her parents tell her it's not what she thinks.  Her father has multiple sclerosis, a disease that affects the brain and spinal cord.  She is outraged to find out that her brothers already know, and Payton desides not to speak with her family.  Payton's parents ask the school counselor to help her, and the counselor tells her to keep a focus notebook.  This might help her focus on something other than her father's disease.  She also chooses a focus object to redirect her attention.  Unfortunately, Payton chooses the head of Sean Griswold, a boy who sits in front of her in biology class. 

Writing in the notebook is helpful at times, but Payton constantly argues with her best friends, quits the basketball team, and starts to do poorly in school.  Payton also slowly becomes friends with Sean, and is slowly crushing on him.  She still will not speak with her family at all, even though she always sees her father in pain and not moving at all because of the disease.  Payton's anger grows, not just at her family, but at the disease.  As the months pass, Sean persuades Payton to practice for a bike marathon to raise money for multiple sclerosis.  

I think this book is a great story for anyone over the age of 12.  It tells a lot about multiple sclerosis and the real symptoms people have.  This story is unique and fun, but also deals with a serious subject.

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