Fall Nintendo Night

Last Friday, 39 teens showed up for our fall edition of Nintendo Night!  It was our busiest one ever, with three simultaneous tournaments.  We had full brackets in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament, with 18 teams.  I matched them up randomly, and we ended up with a final match of David J. and Colin vs. Devon and Jared.  Jared put up a good fight at the end, but was ultimately beaten.  It was a great match!  David J. and Colin each got a $15 gift card to Game Stop, and all four guys got candy.  Huge thanks to John E. for keeping the controllers straightened out for each match.  It was a big help!

The Naruto Shippuden III tournament was also full, with 16 entrants.  This has been a popular game at our club meetings, so it was not a surprise to see some exciting matches and hear a lot of bragging!  Dennis M. defeated David T. in the final for a $10 gift card to Game Stop.  All of the top four finishers received candy.

For our third tournament, we did a Pokemon Black and White tournament on DS.  Evan didn't like our rules from last time, so he took a shot at running it his way.  It worked pretty well, and it also went really fast!  Ten people entered, which worked down to a three-way final.  David J. took home the $10 Game Stop gift card, and all three top finishers got candy.   Evan did all the work of this tournament, from making the rules to checking teams to recording victories in the brackets.  Thanks, Evan!

We do this several times a year, so look for another Nintendo Night on the winter 2012 schedule. 

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