Brain Break, Part 1

Yesterday, 24 teens stopped by to participate in the Teen Advisory Board's Brain Break program. The TAB planned this program as a drop-in day to help provide stress relief during exams, and I think it worked! Some people stayed the entire time and some came for a short time, but it was fun for everyone. We played Rock Band II and Rock Band: The Beatles, made sand art keychains, fingerpainted some amazing artwork, played board games, and had a crazy Mr. Potato Head contest. There was also a lot of comfort food, including cupcakes and cookies made by me, hot chocolate and hot tea, chips and dip, and M&Ms. Everyone left with a little container of Play Dough and several people checked out books from our display of new items.

Special thanks to Emily and Jasmine, who showed up early to help me set up and stayed for the whole program. Also, thanks to TAB members Nitha, Alexa, Anas, Amy, Busra, and Katie for hanging out at the event and making people feel welcome.

Don't worry if you missed it because we will be doing it again next Wednesday, January 27, from 2:00 to 5:00. Repeat visitors are also welcome, so come by anytime and bring your friends.


Anas won our contest with this cross-dressing detective. He won a mug of study supplies, including a $5 gift card to Wawa.

Nitha's potato has problems...

I liked the hot dog hat on this one.

Hmmm. I'd like to say that Laurel was imitating Picasso, but I think she just might be crazy.

Only the coolest princesses wear sneakers!

This spud has a big brain, but no common sense when it comes to fashion.

Everything men can do, women can do backwards and in high heels. (That is according to Alexa who made this one.)

This understated entry was my second favorite. I love the combination of the peg leg, ear muffs, crown, and arms.


Gretchen said...

Nitha, don't worry...I have your pic at home, but somehow it didn't get uploaded to the blog. I will do it later, I promise!

Nitha V. said...

gretchen - no problem
24 people came???!! 24??? it felt like 8

Gretchen said...

remember, it was a drop-in, so people came and went. there were not 24 people there at once!

Anonymous said...

I look like I'm having wayy too much fun.

and LOL I loved Anas' potato head, and Alexa's made me laugh too, because it is true ;)

Oh, and I'll try to bring friends for next time!