Nintendo Night tips

Hello everyone! It's me Tommy with some usefull tips on the Super Smash Bros. tornument. Now here is what i belive the rules are from my memorie of past tornaments.

5 stock
4:oo miniutes each round
no items
random stages from a select few that are dubbed fair
you may change your character each new round but the name you choose must be the same

Here are some helpfull tips,
(The stakes are high your wholife has been about video games and you lose the first round listen to this and you can prevent this.)

First the fairly dubbed stages will probally be flat with little to none possibilty of being stuck no trap doors or anything. So who would you use on these stages here is a list of possibilitys but it always depends on what type of gammer you are.

These stages are dupped fair by me and are not a defenet choice for the tornament. To learn more about stages check my reviwes or goto the smash bros. dojo a link is in all of my previus post.

Finall destenation
Picked because its a one level flat stage it was also chosen because of the fact it looks awsome.
some characters to choose is
Kirby can easily float under above and alomst anywhere around the stage because of nothing blocking its range you can also use kirbys down b in air with confidens you wont hit anything.

Like I said for kirby there is plenty of room for there side B's and up B's with Ike's strong impacts in a wide area it will be easy to smash someone outta the way and with fox, falco and wolf with there speed and agility you can rule the battlefield.

Ill update more as we get closer to the tornament.


Tommy said...

Hey gretchen i was thinking for the pokemon part of nintendo night i could bring my wii and pokemon wii game if you have space and another projector

Tommy said...

Hey gretchen i need a responce today to find out if i need to bring my wii or not

Gretchen said...

bring it!