TAB Grads

Yesterday, the Teen Advisory Board met for our last regular meeting of the school year and celebrated our graduates! This year, five seniors are leaving the TAB and heading to college: Meg, Maria, Koumudi, Katie, and Arwa. We will really miss them!!! They have all been on the TAB for many years. Meg was actually at the very first meeting back in November 2004! At our celebration, we ate KFC and ice cream cake, signed cards, and gave the grads pictures and book store gift cards. So, congratulations grads, and best of luck!

The graduates and their ice cream cake.

Waiting for the seniors to get their picture taken.

Almost all of the TAB

Of course, we had to do a silly picture!


katie said...

I wish I were in TAB :-(

Nitha said...

im gonna miss them!!!!!!! :( **sad face - but they'll visit...hopefully!

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