Library Love

Yesterday, 8 teens came out to write letters to our state legislators to support library funding during the state budget process. Five members of the Teen Advisory Board and three other teens made a great effort. During the program, we wrote 12 letters, and everyone took home extra supplies to keep writing! If you love our library and the services it offers, please take a minute to write, call, or email our representatives. Just go to the webpage for the Pennsylvania General Assembly, and use the box in the upper right to look them up.


katie said...

*gasp* Arwa was there?! I haven't seen Arwa in a million years! Its so sad that she had to graduate. :-(

katie said...

Why is everybody wearing their TAB shirt?

Gretchen said...

because i told them to, since tab was sponsoring the event. of course, the only other people who came were you and your sisters! i would have taken a picture of you, too, but mrs. ryan had the camera at the science program.