Book Review: Sweethearts

Sweethearts by Sara Zarr

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Just in time for Valentine's Day comes this tearjerker from Sara Zarr. Now, it may be the pregnancy hormones or the fact that book people are often more real to me than real people, but this book made me cry worse than anything by Sarah Dessen ever could.

Cameron and Jennifer are social outcasts and inseperable best friends in elementary school, kindred spirits of the best kind. But when Cameron disappears in fifth grade, Jennifer believes he is dead. Over the years, she loses weight, goes to a new school, and completely reinvents herself. But deep down inside, she longs for the close connection that she and Cam shared. So when he walks back into her life at the start of her senior year, she is overcome with emotion. Cam's return brings upheaval in her school and social life, and causes revelations in her own family. Is childhood love enough to bring them back together?

I think what made me reach for the tissues was all the possibilies for Cameron and Jennifer that were left unspoken. I don't really believe in soul mates or the idea that there is just one right person out there for you, but if there is anyone who can prove that theory to be true, then it is Cameron and Jennifer.

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PS--Just as an aside, I actually do have some married friends named Cam and Jen. They live in California and are expecting a baby! So that made this book extra cool for me.


katie said...

At first I thought Cameron was a girl then I saw that he was a boy then I was like oh okay whatever nevermind. hahaha!

Katie E.

Gretchen said...

so i just got an email from sara zarr! so cool!!!

Hey Gretchen,

Thanks so much - I'm glad you liked it! Or should I say, I'm glad you responded to it so strongly. :) Thanks for blogging about it, too.