Happy Un-Valentine's Day!

Today, 23 teens came to our Un-Valentine's Day party at the library. Despite a two-hour delay in the morning and yucky rain all day, everyone showed up and we had a great time. We started with an anti-conversation heart contest, in which David won Sour Patch Kids. Then we watched a clip of the least romantic movie I could think of: Weird Al Yankovic's UHF. After that, groups made catapults to shoot conversation hearts through a target. Genni, Katie E., and Caitlin C. came in first, hitting the board twice and getting one heart through a hole. David, Avis, and Evan came in second, hitting the board once and getting one heart through a hole. All of them got gummy snakes, Air Heads, and Dum-Dum Pops for their efforts. It was mass chaos, but a lot of fun to see all the catapults in action! Later, we ate snacks and finished up with Anti-Valentine Bingo. People won black roses and finger traps if they got five in a row. We didn't even get to do everything I had planned, including make black duct tape roses and watch the Monty Python "Crunchy Frog" sketch. It was a great afternoon, and we will definitely do it again in the future!!

Check out these photos of us building and launching our catapults!

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Melanie R. said...

hi it's Mel, the party was a whole lot of fun, Marwa also had fun. I can't wait till next year! See you soon!