OK, so it was Friday night, but 16 teens enjoyed celebrating Saturday Night Live anyway! We watched some clips from old and new shows, did some comedy improv games, and watched the church scene from The Blues Brothers movie. We ate snacks and soda, including little chocolate doughnuts in memory of John Belushi.

The favorite improv game of the night was definitely Taxi. Basically, you set up four chairs to represent a taxi. One person acts as the driver and two or three people get in as passengers. The object is to portray who you are and where you are going while interacting with the taxi driver. It was a crazy night for taxi passengers and drivers alike! We had satanic nuns riding with a drunk taxi driver, a grandfather and his bad grandchildren riding with a taxi driver trying to sell them encyclopedias, comic book nerds riding with a strung-out taxi driver, and a nanny with bad kids riding with a non-English speaking taxi driver who didn't know her way around the city!

It was great fun, and we will definitely do it again sometime.


katie said...

SNL night was so much fun! Good job to all the taxi people, what are you doing people, and good job to the people who played that first game that we played on Friday night, sorry but I forget what its called. Gretch, did you see a sweater sitting on the radiator on Friday night when everyone left. If ya did that was my sweater and could ya give it to me at gaming club today?

gretchen said...

yes, your sweater is there, and you can get it today!

katie said...

yay! Thanks Gretch