Huge Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament!

Tonight was our biggest Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament ever! We had 35 competitors and 3 judges all crammed into the upstairs program room. (I had to turn on the air conditioning!) The tournament went really well, with a lot of regular TCG club members in attendance, as well as some new faces.

One potentially bad decision was to let Troy compete, even though he had won a previous tournment, because he "wasn't a threat." Ha! He made it to the very last round, only to be beaten by Greg. Go Greg! It was a close call!

The top four finishers each won a candy bar. Greg and Troy both won packs of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Greg also got a South Park magnetic dart board. Greg joins Tariq, Alan, and Troy on the library Yu-Gi-Oh tournament winners list. It was a great competition and I hope everyone had a good time. We will probably do it again in the summer.

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