Book Review: Pop Princess

Pop Princess by Rachel Cohn

SUMMARY: When fifteen-year-old Wonder Blake is plucked from her job at the Dairy Queen and given the chance to become a teen idol, it seems like a dream come true--even if it wasn't her dream, but her older sister Lucky's. Lucky was on her way to becoming a pop star when she died, and Wonder and her family are still trying to recover from their loss. Offered a recording contract, Wonder jumps at the chance to escape from a dead-end town, her fractured family, and worst of all, high school. Suddenly she has it all: a hot new look, a chart-busting hit single, a tour opening up for superstar Kayla. But stardom isn't all glamour--it's also lots of work. And maybe what Wonder really wants is as simple as a guy who likes her for herself.

OPINION: This is an appropriate title to review today because the fifth season of American Idol starts tonight! (Yes, I will be watching.) If you have ever dreamed of being the next big star, Rachel Cohn's book gives a realistic look at the lifestyle. Screaming fans? Check. Killer workouts? Check. Parties? Check. Hangovers afterwards? Check. It's all here: the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of being the princess of pop, even if it's just for a moment. This book is pure bubble gum pop, just like the song one-hit Wonder records. But it's a lot of fun to read!


Megan G. said...

Speaking of American Idol, a guy from Upper Darby made it to Hollywood over the summer. His name is, I believe, Michael Conti, or something along those lines. Watch for him!

Anonymous said...

i just bought that book, haven't gotten around to reading it yet but sounds great!
Amy ;)

Gretchen said...

amy--i didn't know about this book, but i read shrimp (review coming soon), and it was advertised on the cover. so it's really thanks to you that i read it in the first place!