Summer Reading Program

It's supposed to snow as much as 10 inches this weekend, and that is making me really look forward to this summer! I am thinking about all the events we can do with the theme Dragons, Dreams, and Daring Deeds (for kids) and Joust Read (for teens). Here are my ideas so far:
  • Jester Workshop (learn juggling, jokes, gags, and other foolish tricks)

  • Calligraphy or Illumination Workshop (Sarah will handle this!)

  • Live Chess (kids and teens act out a game played by two community members)

  • Swordfighting Demonstration and Workshop (invite members of the Society for Creative Anachronism to show their stuff and teach us some moves...with plastic swords...)
To add your ideas, comment on this post or tell me next time you're in the library!

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Megan G. said...

Perhaps thee could teachest the fair teens of our establishment to speakest in the tongue of ye olden days?(Translation-Maybe you could teach us kids how to talk like back then?) Wow, that's hard to write! Anyway, it could be just like our 80's night slang thing. Except all medieval-y.