Reed Moore Boocks

With all the snow, guess what I've been doing??!! That's right...reading through the giant stack o' YA novels by my bed...

Acceleration by Graham McNamee (NEW!)
This quote from the back of the cover says it all: "Me and you going after this guy," Vinny says, "it's like the Hardy Boys meet Hannibal Lechter."

how i live now by Meg Rosoff
In the not-so-distant future, enemy forces take over England while most of that country's solders are away fighting a war. This gripping book shares the survival experiences of a scattered group of cousins as they try to make their way home. I think that the most chilling part of this book is that this kind of hostile takeover could really happen in our world.

King of the Mild Frontier by Chris Crutcher
In this autobiography, Crutcher shares his memories of growing up as a "dateless, broken-toothed, scabbed-over, God-fearing dweeb." He wasn't good at much of anything back then (like athletics, boy scouts, or thinking), but he has turned all of his miserable experiences into great teen books!

Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve
In the distant future, many cities and towns are mobile and roam the great hunting ground that used to be Europe. They don't hunt animals...they hunt each other. Intrigue and betrayal fuel this dark story.

Vegan Virgin Valentine by Carolyn Mackler
Mara Valentine is a high-strung over-achieving control-freak high school senior...until her slutty, pot-smoking 16-year-old niece (yes, niece) comes to live with her family. Just imagine the chaos...

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