I Met Ann Brashares!

Last night I went to a bookstore in Bucks County to see Ann Brashares, author of the Sisterhood books. It was the first night of her tour for the third book in the series, called Girls in Pants. It was so great! She told the story about how she became a writer--the first book was written on a sabbatical from work at a publishing company while she was pregnant with her THIRD child! She answered audience questions about her characters, the upcoming movie, the fourth book (there will be one more), and her other writing projects.

I read the new book yesterday before I went, and it was very enjoyable. So the best part of going to meet her was that she signed books. I got one for me, one for the library, and one for a prize for next summer. So, look for the autographed copy of Girls in Pants, which should be on the shelf soon! I also gave her two pictures of our sisterhood event from December, showing her the jeans we wrote on and the purses we made. She was really interested in what we had done!

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