Last Monday we had 19 people show up to try out some skill toys! These are various toys that require a bit of patience and practice to pull off, but it's really rewarding when you finally get it! We had diabolos, flower sticks, chatter rings, kendama, spinning plates and juggling balls. Luckily the weather was on our side, because between the crowd and the skoyz there was not enough room in our usual meeting place and we ended up taking it outside. Every got 5 to 10 minutes to practice at a station, then we rotated. After everyone had tried each one, they were free to go to whichever ones they wanted and play around with them. I'm usually pretty bad at spinning plates, and the outdoor breeze was not helping that! Everyone found at least one that they liked, and the time went by surprisingly fast!


spinning plates!

flower sticks!

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