Pokemon Night @ Municipal Library!

On Tuesday the 10th we had 17 Pokemon trainers come to the Municipal Library to be the very best, like no one ever was. We had everyone pair up Swiss Pair style for four rounds, then started a single-elimination bracket. Taking a cue from the recent Mario Night, instead of offering gift cards for the winners, first place got to choose from a table of prizes first, then second place could pick, and finally third. There was also a prize that was a random drawing for anyone that came in costume, but with only one person coming with a Pikachu cosplay cap, he automatically got the prize! When the prizes were first shown, Tom said to hold on to that Lucario figure, 'cause he was gonna get first and claim it, and he totally did! Congratulations!

In addition to the Pokemon battling, the anime was playing on a nearby TV, and we had a Wii and N64 hooked up with some older Pokemon games, like Pokemon Rumble Wii, Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Stadium. Pokemon Night was a great time, and while there's no more tournaments scheduled for the Summer, I think this Fall we'll be holding a Super Smash Bros tournament, so stay tuned!

the prize table!

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