Teen Review: The Ring and the Crown

The Ring and the Crown by Melissa De La Cruz

Princess Marie-Victoria is heir to the British Empire. She is soon to enter in a faithless and arranged marriage with Prince Leopald VII, the Kronprinz of Prussia. The marriage was arranged by Queen Eleanor and the King of Prussia. The problem is that the Princess is not in love or at all fancy Prince Leopald. She is the only girl who doesn’t think him handsome and she enjoys the company of his brother, Prince Wolf, more than him. Ronan Astor, an American heiress, is close to financial ruins and must marry someone rich and make a good match to save her and her family. Aelwyn Myrddyn, a bastard mage, is Princess Marie-Victoria’s merlin and friend. Isabelle of Orleans is Prince Leopald’s fiancĂ©e. All of these people are on their own mission and England for the start of the London season, and specifically the Bal du Drap d’Or (the Ball of the Golden Cloth).

The problem is that Princess Marie-Victoria is in love with her guard. Prince Leopald is engaged to Isabelle, who he soon casts aside. Ronan meets Prince Wolf, while at first not realizing he is a prince, while traveling to England and soon they fall in love. And finally, Aelwyn Myrddyn is crushing on Prince Leopald. Problems arise and someone is after the Princess and the British Empire. Threats are made, lies are told, battles are fought, people die, and everyone gets an ending. Will Princess Marie-Victoria marry Leopald or will Isabelle? What will happen to Aelwyn’s crush and will Ronan find this suitable match of hers by the end of the season?

My opinion:
I’d give this book 4 out of 5 stars. Melissa De La Cruz did a wonderful job in this story. It was different from her Blue Bloods series and I think it was a success. Every chapter had its own point of view and was well written. The story as a whole was interesting and was an easy read. Some parts made me laugh while others had me sympathizing with the characters. Truthfully, I was a little bummed by the ending. It wasn’t the typical happy ending for all and I was wishing Aelwyn and Ronan had their fairytale happy ending, too. However, with that said, I still think this book was successful and enjoyable. For anyone looking for a little history and mystery with their romance, this book is for them.  -Arig

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