Table Top Gaming and Mario Night!

Last week we had another table top gaming day on Wednesday, the first of what is now a regular monthly Table Top Gaming Club! Nine gamers showed up to play, and I ran a game of King of Tokyo, where each player takes the role of a giant monster, gaining energy to buy crazy new powers and attacking the other players to become the king of Tokyo. Things got pretty cutthroat, but it was all in good fun! There were also games of Donkey Kong Jenga, Connect 4, Monopoly and Uno. I'm already looking forward to next month's meetup, where I think we'll try out a game of Munchkin. If you're interested in playing some table top games, we're meeting on the second Wednesday of each month!

My monster's name was The King, but he did not live up to that title..

Playing King of Tokyo

Monopoly and Uno!

Then that Friday night we had a Mario Night, the main draw of which was the Mario Kart Wii tournament! All characters, vehicles and courses were unlocked, with stages set to random. Everyone played two rounds or two races each and their point totals were recorded. After the two rounds were up, the top four players faced off for one final race on Rainbow Road! There were three different Mario prizes, and first place got first dibs, and so on to third place. In the end Sarah took first place and choose the Mario t-shirt as her prize, Brian took second and choose the Mario poster, and Mary took third and choose to skip over the final prize, the Mario DVD, and instead took one of the Mario mushroom brownie pops I'd made! So the DVD went to fourth place racer John!

In addition to the tournament, there were various games set up for people to play at their leisure. We had Super Mario 3D World running on the Wii U for up to four players, an N64 with Mario games like Mario Party and Mario Kart 64, and a Super Nintendo with Tetris Attack and some Mario titles. Oh, and also a TV playing the old Super Mario Bros. Super Show, the campy cartoon from the late 80s/early 90s! Everyone had a good time, and I hope we get another Mario Kart tournament going shortly, this time for the upcoming Wii U game!

gathered around playing Mario 3D World on Wii U

tournament racing, with old-school systems in back

Mario Kart banana peels and Mario Kart spare tires!

Fireballs and Peach Punch

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