Tabletop Gaming at the library!

Last Wednesday, 20 teens came to the library for some unplugged gaming fun! We had people bringing their own games, games borrowed from the Primos branch, as well as Sellers' games and a few of my own. In addition to the two copies of Munchkin that were available, someone had brought the deluxe edition (which comes with a board and player pieces) and that version was the favored one. Sarah brought in a game called Tsuro, which I tried out and really enjoyed playing. I'd never heard of that one before, so big thanks to Sarah! Quite a few rounds of Zombie Dice were played, which is a fun, quick and easy game. Classic games such as Checkers and Connect 4 were also popular. Everyone that won a game got a candy prize (although since Connect 4 matches can sometimes last only minutes, you could only win candy the first two times you won). There were a few iPads on hand with Ticket to Ride loaded on them, and a few people gave that a try, sometimes solo and at other times with people. I think they found it less intimidating than the Ticket to Ride physical game that was available.

The event went from 1:00 to 4:30, and it felt like it was over so quickly! I definitely look forward to doing another tabletop game day soon, it was a lot of fun!

Settlers of Catan, with some Yu-Gi-Oh! playing off to the side.

This game of Clue sounded like it was getting pretty heated as they looked for the culprit!

Tsuro was a surprisingly fun game!

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