Nintendo Night ends Summer programming with a bang

Last Friday night we had 23 teens show up to participate in Nintendo Night! Almost everyone partook in the Super Smash Bros Brawl tournament, which was done as single elimination this time to help speed things along. Even then after the first round we were running behind and I had to change the rules from 3 minutes 4 stock to 2 minutes, 2 stock. That brought us up to speed and left us ending only 5 minutes late! Jared took home first prize, a two-sided Smash Bros Brawl poster and a $15 GameStop gift card. Siaka took second place and William took third, both of them receiving $10 GameStop gift cards. The tournament was so exciting that I forgot to take any pictures during the event.  -_-

We had a second Wii hooked up for freeplay, which seemed to mostly gravitate between more Smash Bros and some Naruto. There was also a retro gaming table set up with a Super Nintendo and N64 and a few multiplayer games for each. I was glad to see everyone had a good time. This event marked the end of the Summer schedule, so check back soon for the Fall schedule!

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