Outdoor Art Drop-In Wednesdays!

The weather hasn't been so cooperative when it comes to Wednesdays this month, but we've been doing crafts nonetheless. On July 3rd we ended up setting up indoors, since while it wasn't raining, it looked like it was planning to (and did eventually). Ten people showed up to make mosaic picture frames with cut up CDs! The end results came out really cool looking!

some of the completed frames!

Then this past Wednesday we got to set up the tent and tables outside while we made glass pebble magnets and cherry blossom paintings using the bottoms of 2-liter soda bottles as stamps. Two hours in it suddenly got dark, rainy and windy, and we ran inside and continued indoors. Of course, by the time we had set up indoors, it was sunny outside and never rained again!

We had magazines and craft paper to decorate the glass pebble magnets.

People got really creative with the cherry blossom paintings!

We have one more outdoor art drop-in coming up this Wednesday, and we'll be doing CD scratch art! Come on by between 11 and 2 for this cool looking and easy craft!

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