Nintendo Night at the Municipal Branch Library!

This past Tuesday, 22 teens showed up to hang out and enjoy some Nintendo gaming at the Municipal branch! We had a Super Smash Bros. tournament on the projector screen, which 18 people signed up to compete in. It was a great tournament, and in the end Devon came in third, Siaka came in second with Jared taking first place in a very exciting final match! First place got a $20 GameStop gift card, second got $15 and third got $10. Congratulations to everyone who competed and made it such a fun night! The final rounds ended up going 15 minutes past the end of the night, even with matches down to 3 minutes! I'll be working to make sure we get more rounds played in less time for the next tournament!

In addition to the tournament, we had three small TVs hooked up with an additional Wii on freeplay as well as some classic Nintendo systems from my collection, a Nintendo 64 and a Super Nintendo for people to play some classic multiplayer on. Big thanks to Toby from Primos for bringing in those TVs! Some people also brought their DS systems in for Pokemon battling and trading. It was a really fun night, and if you missed the Nintendo Night at Primos, there will be one at Sellers August 23. Also make sure to stop by Municipal on Tuesday, July 30th from 6-8 for a screening of Disney's Wreck-It Ralph.

There was lots of gaming going on with 3 gaming stations and people playing DS!

Preliminary rounds were 4 players, while the finals were 1 on 1.

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