Outdoor Art: Stamped Shoelaces

We have done many tie-dyed shoelace crafts over the years, but this is the first time we ever tried stamping!  Thanks to librarian Ms. McDevitt for loaning us her creative homemade dot stampers.  By gluing a pony bead onto an unsharpened pencil, you get an open circle on one end and a full circle from the eraser on the other!  Just add permanent ink stamp pads, and you're set.  We also got out the Sharpies for anyone who wanted to add words or designs.  The shoelaces laces turned out really well!

It was another busy day at our craft tent...26 teens showed up before noon.  Unfortunately, it started raining right around then, so we grabbed all of our stuff and ran to the lobby.  Luckily for us, the room upstairs was free until 1:00, so everyone was able to finish their crafts.  However, people who showed up later weren't able to make shoelaces.  I do have more, so this craft may be available at Craft Closet Cleanout in August. 

Thanks to Anas, Emily, and Alissa, who helped set up the event.  I also appreciate everyone who helped take all of the supplies, tables, chairs, and tent into the lobby when the rain started, and who helped deliver them back to the barn when the rain let up.  See you all next week...hope for better weather!

 Outside, before the rain...

 Emily's awesome shoelace design.

Invading the library's Board Room to get out of the rain!

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