Outdoor Art: Button Jewelry

Last Wednesday, 19 teens showed up for our outdoor craft program.  This is smaller than previous weeks, but that's probably because of the heat!  It definitely wasn't because of the projects--they were really cute.  We made button and bead bracelets, button jumble earrings, and knotted button necklaces.  The earrings were especially awesome.

Thanks to Katie, Amie, Kimberly, and Emily for helping with set-up and staying for the whole time.  Special thanks to Asa for jumping in to help clean up.  There is no craft next week, but come back on August 3 to make magnets.  See you then!

 Everyone was concentrating!

 A cute pair of button earrings

 Jasmine adapted her necklace into an anklet!

Want to make more stuff with buttons?  Try these:


Monica said...

Question: Do you have them opening and closing jump rings with two pairs of pliers and if so, were you able to find them someplace inexpensive and where??? Ok that's questionS, but I'm dreaming of doing some jewelry programs but haven't figured out where to get the equipment

Gretchen said...

i have small, cheap pliers that are from the home repair section of wal-mart. they are pretty much the same as what are sold with the jewelry-making supplies, at least for library program purposes.

however, with that project, the jump rings were so easy to open and close that we just ended up using our fingers! they were 10 mm jump rings, so we just bent them open to the side and bent them back with no problem.

hope this helps!