Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament

Last Friday, 14 teens came out for a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament at the library.  Most of them were from our Monday gaming club.  They were looking forward to it because they have been asking me to do a tournament all winter!  We did single elimination, with the earliest two losers making up a pair to give us an even 16 in the tournament.  Three older members of the gaming club (David, Tim, and Alex) acted as judges, which was really helpful to me since I don't play the game.  I kept track of the brackets while they solved disputes and monitored the times on the various matches.  Amazingly, we managed to get done by 8:30 (this is not always the case at our Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments).

This program was funded with money from our teen Random-A-Thon, so we had a $25 gift card to Target for the winner.  Plus, Le (a generous gaming club member) donated two rare cards, and each of the two top finishers got one.  The top four were Joseph, Mark, Nicholas, and Dave M., and they each got candy.  Joseph and Dave made it to the finals, and Dave was the overall winner.

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