Book Review: Exodus

First of all, may I say that this book is flat out weird. It was chosen as the Read and Rant Book Group's book of the month for March. Sadly, I was unable to make it. (Sorry again Gretchen!) Anyway, this book is about a future where all the polar ice caps are melting and there is no where left to go. It's sort of like the movie The Day After Tomorrow with Jake Gylennhal and Dennis Quaid. Only in this movie, the only place to go is these New World Cities in the sky. And if you ask me, those residents are kind of like the people who live in the Capitol in The Hunger Games. The whole premise is just abnormal. And on top of that, this book is written in present tense, which I absolutely DETEST! If you like funky futuristic books, be my guest and read this book! For me though, it was not one of my favorites.


Gretchen said...

awwww, i actually like this book: http://sellerslibraryteens.blogspot.com/2008/03/book-review-exodus.html

Gretchen said...

and, emma, you should apply to join the teen advisory board!

Emma said...

Can I? I'm only in 7th grade. And I was actually thinking about it but I have one problem - I have CCC rehearsals on Sundays from 2 to 4. Is there any way that I could work around that?