Writer's Ink, Week One

Yesterday was the first day of Nitha's six-week writing workshop! Twelve people attended, which is a perfect size for this kind of program. Nitha planned several activities for the first week, but Pass the Buck was definitely the most popular. She gave everyone a piece of paper with a one-sentence plot summary on it, and they started the story. Every five minutes, the papers moved around the table until almost everyone wrote a part of each story. We read some out loud at the end, and they were hilarious! I am going to publish a few on the blog, and we will also include some of them in our writing anthology at the end of July. Hope to see you next week for playwriting and dialogue with our special guest, Caitlin Cieri!


nitha said...

i look like a creeper in the second picture!!! but i'm happy the first day of writer's ink turned out better than i expected!

Genni =) said...

ahah dont u luv how the 2 pics im in, i am looking at the camera... =)