Luau Party

Tonight was our Luau Party to kick off the teen summer reading club, and 24 teens showed up! We started with a "Beach Blanket Bingo" introduction game, then decorated prize bags with Sharpies. Everyone got two special edition summer reading sheets that will be entered into a drawing for two tickets to Dorney Park! We watched a short clip from Beach Party, the 1963 flick that started the sand-and-surf movie trend. Later, we had a group contest to use toilet paper and crepe paper to turn one group member into a hula dancer. It was so funny! Owen's group won for having the most complete outfit, and Kaitlin got a prize for best hula dancing. Hula hooping was the surprise hit of the night, edging out several other planned activities. We had some serious competition and some general hilariousness! Janae won candy for her amazing tricks while hula hooping, including doing the Macarena, dancing the "running man" step, and getting on her knees and back up again. We also tried hula hooping with three hoops, and Grace H. won with a 19-second record. Owen won a prize for just being entertaining while hula hooping. We ended the night watching part of Lilo and Stitch while eating tropical fruit skewers and chips with salsa. Then we had a limbo contest, which went on way longer than I thought it would! I actually stopped it because I didn't want our last three contestants to get hurt, and I gave them all prizes. It was a great night! We'll have to do another luau in the future, because there were several activities that we didn't have time to do.

These girls dressed with luau flair!

Guess who?!

Decorating prize bags

Hula hoops

Three hula hoops!

A group working on their hula dancer costume

Some hula dancers!


Best dressed!

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