Cheese Night

Last Friday, 28 people showed up for the Teen Advisory Board's Cheese Night program! This idea has been bouncing around among the TAB members for a few years, and we just decided to go for it this spring. It was a little random, but a lot of fun! As they came in, everyone selected a nametag of a kind of cheese and added their answers to my posterboards of cheesy questions. We did two cheese art projects, which were hilarious. First, everyone had to create a shape from a slice of American using only their teeth. Later, we made constructions out of cheese cubes and toothpicks. Of course, everyone got to eat their creations after I took some pictures! We watched clips from some cheesy movies like Marley & Me and Mamma Mia!, and we saw Wallace and Gromit's quest for moon cheese in A Grand Day Out. Throughout the evening, we also ate cheesy snacks that I cooked in my toaster oven. Overall, we ate 140 pizza rolls, 60 jalapeno poppers, and two trays of cheesy spinach dip with tortilla chips. We ended the program with yummy cheesecake cupcakes. I randomly gave away things from my cheesy prize box all night, including horrible teen library books from the 80s, books by Nicholas Sparks, dollar store junk, Kraft Mac & Cheese, and other cheesy snacks. I definitely declare Cheese Night a success! We'll have to do another one in the future.


David J. said...

I was thinking of attending, but it sounded pretty cheesy. :D

Gretchen said...

it totally was! great fun, too.