DIY Craft: Jeans to Purse

If you've worn through the knees on your favorite jeans, give them new life as a bag! You don't even have to know how to sew for some of these.

Pocket Purse
Use the back pockets of a pair of jeans to make a cute, small purse.

Jean Leg Purse
Use the legs to make a little purse with a braided strap.

Booty Bag
This roomy purse is made from the top of a pair of jeans!

Booty Bag with Flap Closure
This set of directions has great step-by-step pictures. To modify this into a messenger bag, just use men's jeans rather than your old low-rises and make a longer strap.


Anonymous said...

Still lovin' all those jeans-to-purse ideas Gretchen. I'm following your blog now, it's all great!! You have lucky teens in your area:-)


Gretchen said...

awww, thanks! and this one was inspired by your email, so you get some credit too!!