Gotta Catch 'em All!

On Friday, 22 teens came out for our first-ever Pokémon Night. I wish I had a picture of John E., who attended in complete Pokémon regalia! It was really cool. Thanks to Rachel for bringing her copy of Battle Revolution and being our all-around Pokémon expert.

During the event, everyone enjoyed free play on the Wii, and 14 people entered the DS tournament. Tariq, Rachel, Katie E., and David made it to the top four, with David and Rachel in the final round. David admits that a lucky move enabled him to beat out Rachel in that battle. He won the game guide for the new Pokémon Platinum DS game. All four of the top finishers got Pocky, as well.

Another thing we did was take a Pokémon trivia quiz. Nine people got 0 or 1 wrong, so they got to enter drawing for prizes. Some of the prizes were good, like boxes of Pocky or free food coupons, but some were cheesy, like Pokémon children's books. If you want more trivia, go enter the Cartoon Network's Pokemon trivia quiz to unlock character wallpaper for your computer.

Everyone seemed to have fun and, overall, I think it was a good first effort. We will definitely try another Pokémon event over the summer!


katie said...

yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would've beaten David if only he hadn't have gotten rid of my Lugia. But i'm happy anyway that i came close and that I came close. :-)

Taj1021 said...

Grecthen in your post of this you said to get character walpaper to eneter the and then a blank space.... WHATS SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE BLANK SPACE.

i WISH I COULDVE CAME TO school ALL the amuter punks.