New Shelf!

In an effort to better organize the teen materials, we have a new shelf! It is located against the doors in the teen corner. I had to move the beanbags upstairs, but I think the sacrifice was totally worth it. The new shelf now has all of the teen magazines, comic books, and nonfiction on it. I even have space on top for a display, and, just for you juniors, I put up books on vocabulary building, college essays, and career advice. The cart that was in the room is now gone, which is very helpful when you are trying to actually enter the area. Come check out the new look!


Taj1021 said...

The people that are not in a club will cry without beanbag chairs but ill cheer with joy with my joystick in my hand.

katie said...

Love the new shelf!

Taj1021 said...

When will the comics and anime not be checked out seriously last time i was there no comics at all except for shonnen jump.