Book Swap & 80s Movies

Today, 13 teens came through our book swap and many stayed to watch UHF and Teen Wolf. A total of 36 books were swapped and a lot of food was eaten! Everyone seemed happy with their book selections, so happy reading! We will probably do this again in the spring.

One surprise was that Marissa stopped by to swap books and chat with me about her ideas for summer programs. The summer theme for 2009 is Express Yourself @ the Library, and it focuses on the arts. Marissa didn't know that, but her suggestions are perfect. She suggested jewelry making and fashion drawing already, and I'm sure she will come up with many other ideas before summer!

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katie said...

That sounds awesome! Last summer Stephanie Mcenna (I think thats how you spell her last name) told me that the theme was bugs for that summer, and I was scarred because I don't like bugs. eww. lol. oh well, I got past it.